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Welcome to the intersection of Afrocentric activism and technology where we are powered by empowerment

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OUR Story 

Originally imagined in 2017, OUR Tech is the now working brain child of multiple Black student activists from across the country. We were founded under the guides of taking Black economic sovereignty and collectivism into digital space. As of 2021, we now help create digital platforms for activism-oriented Black students, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. Check out this website and our other platforms to support the cause! 

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OUR Upcoming Projects

The FreeDM Application

The FreeDM application is a social media hub centered on everything Black activism. Folks from all walks of life can publish afrocentric works, contribute to activist groups, support Black-owned businesses and mentor lifelong learners in afrocentric activism. If you want to learn more you can take a look at the link below and our Instagram!



This app is an innovative and unique tool for transit riders and general commuters. We will be releasing more information on it soon as it nears release on the App Store



QU is a mobile and web application that allows multiple users to choose and vote on music selections from preset playlists in group settings such as friend gatherings or venues. We are excited to provide more details and the first downloadable version of QU at our upcoming fundraiser and launch event in April!

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OUR Services 

OUR Tech’s thorough consultation process can help you take your digital business ideas and turn them into a reality. If accepted to join OUR family you will be assigned a personal case manager, who will double as your liaison through the consultation process. For no out of pocket cost we will help you envision, design, code, market and scale your digital business while still aligning it within the histories and ethics of structural activism. Come join OUR movement!


OUR People (Shoutouts!)


OUR standout scholar, Imani Canton, provided her study "Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Health Behaviors, Awareness Of and Attitudes Towards Cardiovascular Health Risk Factors Among Spelman College Students." She more than deserves our recognition.

Imani Canton


OUR superb staff member, Augusto De Llamas is the digital designer behind The FreeDM Application. He orchestrated everything from the color scheme, to the pages and the logo.

Augusto De Llamas

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OUR beaming black-owned business is California's Glyphhop Collective. The music group soulfully blends conscious rhymes and an upbeat feel that provides the soundtrack and heartbeat for OUR Tech.



OUR Mission Statement:


The mission of Our Upcoming Revolution’s Brands is to promote the idea of digital neo-activism to create a conglomerate of Afrocentric platforms where the voices and ideas of any underrepresented community, business, and student can be heard. We create new economic empowerment zones and infrastructure within digital landscapes for the communities, businesses, and people that often lack access to such interventions. By providing our clients with step-by-step help and guidance to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality and we set forth empowerment through creativity and modernization in hopes of generating a positive impact in the world.

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