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Our Upcoming Revolution's Technologies  (OUR Tech)

Welcome to the intersection of Afrocentric activism and technology where we are powered by empowerment

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OUR Story 
Originally imagined in 2017, OUR Tech is the now working brain child of multiple Black student activists from across the country. We were founded under the guides of taking Black economic sovereignty and collectivism into digital space. As of 2021, we now help create digital platforms for activism-oriented Black students, entrepreneurs, and established businesses.
Check out this website and our other platforms to support the cause! 

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OUR Upcoming Projects

The FreeDM Application

The FreeDM application is a social media hub centered on everything Black activism. Folks from all walks of life can publish afrocentric works, contribute to activist groups, support Black-owned businesses and mentor lifelong learners in afrocentric activism. If you want to learn more, you can take a look at our Instagram!


"Meta Sista" is an NFT collection produced by Our Upcoming Revolution's Technologies. OUR Tech helps create digital infrastructure and assets for Black students and businesses. Every NFT you buy goes to funding a Black-Owned start-up project respective to each token. OUR community thanks you for your support!

QU is a mobile and web application that allows multiple users to choose and vote on music selections from preset playlists in group settings such as friend gatherings or venues. For more information on QU, click on our logo!


OUR Empowered Internship Program

OUR Empowered Internship Program is to provide college students with the opportunity to earn college credits by ethically engaging multiple communities and learning how to build social and economic infrastructures within a business.

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OUR Services 

Mobile Applications

Website Development

Business Incubations

Social Impact Consultations

OUR Tech possesses a resourceful app development team that can bring your iOS & Android ideas to life. 

OUR Tech provides web development from basic landing pages to custom websites aligning with your needs.

OUR Tech helps start-ups & entrepreneurs grow through the early stages of their business.

OUR Tech delivers effective diversity initiatives to help your organization become global and inclusive.

OUR Tech's thorough consultation process can help you take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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Meet OUR People

"As the Co-Founder and CEO, of OUR Tech, my job above all is to lead research innovation efforts for the company. OUR Tech is an extension of my graduate research and its modernization of historic activist strategies. It is one of the many reasons that keeps me hungry and motivated as a leader."

Chief Executive Officer
Oscar "Tre" Irving-Thomas


Chief Operating Officer
Jordari Rene

"As the Co-Founder and COO, my job is to develop the structures and pipelines on the overall production on our foundation. My drive to spread the values and services of OUR Tech will set an entrepreneurial movement in multiple communities."

"My role within OUR Tech has been to provide a flourishing creative environment where early developers, as well as visionaries can learn new skills and nurture their abilities in a safe and supportive environment. I provide the guidelines for production pipelines and artistic content that boosts our mission of bringing the ideas of the next generation of brilliant minds into life."

Chief Technical Officer
Augusto Llamas De los Reyes


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"OUR Tech has given me the opportunity to explore and experience work as a web developer. Additionally, I’ve been able to develop my team skills and programming skills while working as an actual contributor for the development of QU! It’s been great to meet people from around the country that also contribute to OUR Tech and exciting to help move OUR Tech to achieving our goals."

Full Stack Developer
Carlos Villa

"OUR Tech has given me the opportunity to refine my skills as a software developer by graciously allowing me to contribute to the development of QU, their flagship application (available on iOS)! Thank you, OUR Tech!"

Lead Front-End Engineer
Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers.jpg
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OUR Mission Statement:

The mission of Our Upcoming Revolution’s Brands is to promote the idea of digital neo-activism to create a conglomerate of Afrocentric platforms where the voices and ideas of any underrepresented community, business, and student can be heard. We create new economic empowerment zones and infrastructure within digital landscapes for the communities, businesses, and people that often lack access to such interventions. By providing our clients with step-by-step help and guidance to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality and we set forth empowerment through creativity and modernization in hopes of generating a positive impact in the world.

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