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About Us

Our Upcoming Revolution's Technology LLC (OUR Tech LLC) is a distinguished empowerment firm that stands at the forefront of bridging the gap between innovation and inclusivity. Established in 2020 by two visionary Black graduate students, OUR Tech LLC emerged from the desire to transform app ideas into tangible realities, providing quality assistance every step of the way.

At OUR Tech LLC, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower individuals and businesses. From business incubation to mobile and website development, and social impact consultation, we equip our clients with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Driven by a relentless pursuit of economic sovereignty, we aim to transform communities lacking resources into vibrant economic empowerment zones. Our commitment to fostering innovation extends to all forms of groundbreaking ideas, creating an environment where support, collaboration, and boundless possibilities thrive. At OUR Tech LLC, we believe that true progress is achieved through empowerment, and we are dedicated to realizing the transformative potential of technology in shaping a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Our Story

Originally imagined in 2017, OUR Tech is the now working brain child of multiple Black student activists from across the country. We were founded under the guides of taking Black economic sovereignty and collectivism into digital space. As of 2021, we now help create digital platforms for activism-oriented Black students, entrepreneurs, and established businesses.

Our People

"As the Co-Founder and CEO, of OUR Tech, my job above all is to lead research innovation efforts for the company. OUR Tech is an extension of my graduate research and its modernization of historic activist strategies. It is one of the many reasons that keeps me hungry and motivated as a leader."

Chief Executive Officer
Oscar "Tre" Irving-Thomas


Chief Operating Officer
Jordari Rene

"As the Co-Founder and COO, my job is to develop the structures and pipelines on the overall production on our foundation. My drive to spread the values and services of OUR Tech will set an entrepreneurial movement in multiple communities."

Augusto De Llamas.jpg

Chief Technical Officer
Augusto Llamas De los Reyes


"My role within OUR Tech has been to provide a flourishing creative environment where early developers, as well as visionaries can learn new skills and nurture their abilities in a safe and supportive environment. I provide the guidelines for production pipelines and artistic content that boosts our mission of bringing the ideas of the next generation of brilliant minds into life."

Our Affiliates

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